Agramerbordog Wendy has new owner. Mr and Mrs William and Paula Duvall from USA.

Wonderfull day at the French club match!!!!!!

AGRAMER BORDOG WENDY (22 months, Multi CH Agramer Bordog Iron& CH Agramer Bordog Mariah) -
1st place Intermedia class!!!!!
French club winner!!!!!
Best female Nationale D’Elevage De La S.A.D.B. 14.09.2014. Cabris!!!!!

We are proud and happy!!!!!

Congratulations to all winners!

Wedy Cabris 2014








CACIB Rijeka 15.02.2014. Judge: Mr.Victor Alexander Van Raamsdonk (BE)
Agramer Bordog Wendy, 15 months Inter.Clas: CAC, CACIB, BOB

Wendy Rijeka 15.02.2014.









CACIB Rijeka 16.02.2014. Judge: Mr. Bojan Mataković (Hr)

Agramer Bordog Vabriga, 16 months Inter.Clas: CAC, CACIB,
Agramer Bordog Wendy, 15 months Young.Clas: Young winner, Y.BOB, BOB

Vabriga and Wendy



Agramerbordog Wendy, born 13.11.2012.

Parents: Int. Ch Agramerbordog Iron and Int.Ch Agramerbordog Mariah